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i'm Myles Wheeler

a director and editor based in London.

I’ve created work for the BBC, Parkinson’s UK
and a number of commercial brands.


I won ‘Young Person of the Year’ at the Charity Staff and Volunteer Awards for creating online videos in aid of Parkinson’s disease.

In my personal work I use my camera to explore moments in my life with a handmade, comedic tone.


My work has most recently screened at the ODEON Leicester Square and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

myles wheeler

get in touch:
email | instagram | twitter

my films






"Memoirs of Sunlight" 

(poetry film)






"Like a Dog or a Boat, you tether it"

Feature film (writer/director/editor)


After locking myself out from my University bedroom, I picked up my video camera and returned home. Using my camera I tried to find a way back in through the confusions of a rapidly changing family life, and try to open up to both myself and whoever may be listening. Mainly my landlord so he could give me a spare key.


"Boy Ant"

Feature length monologue film



A monologue about home, hospitals

and let's say hope for the alliteration.

(screened at Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

commerical work

commerical work:

Tom Rosenthal's 'ETIGAFY' - Official Music Video



Tom Rosenthal's 'Bicycle Lane' - Official Music Video



Netflix + SANCOOB - Environmental Panel Talk



Finch + Partners - 2021 Showreel



Aircraft Restoration - Promotional Film



London Fashion Week - Backstage Conversation



Home Care Service - Documentary



Poppy Jamie -

10 Part Mental Health Workshop



Diabetes UK - Documentary series

(Editor / Consultant*)


*Using my experience with online video making, I spoke with Vloggers from "My Diabetes Year" about techniques on how to film life naturally, as well as how to talk on camera about personal topics. I also edited a number of episodes for the Diabetes UK series.

myles wheeler 2023 / header photo by christopher jungo

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